aarusys.com renders best Bulk email servicesin Bangalore, INDIA. We use the best email sending server infrastructure i.e. Via Amazon SES (Amazon Simple mail Sending Service) which is hosted in Amazons Cloud infrastructure. So, the email messages are made sure delivered to its maximum possible.

These days there seems to be having many Bulk Email service providers all over Bangalore, which is popularly called as the Silicon Valley of India. Bulk Email markets have numerous packages on email marketing solutions based on various facts including quantity of emails delivered per second, Total No. of emails required, Email sending Region in the world etc. Bulk email can be best used to reach out the businesses offers, transaction details to its customers or to a set of new people in motive to get them as customer in future.

The salient features Best email marketing companies in Bangalore:

  • One million emails can be delivered within just a day.
  • Design of the Email sent can be with HTML, images, and text content.
  • Before delivering the Email, The server can check Spam.
  • Delivery of Customized emails.
  • Bulk email contacts can be managed as a Group
  • Bulk email marketing can be scheduled at our required timing.
  • Files can be attached with the bulk email being sent.
  • Bulk Email campaign accurate reporting
  • Bulk Email campaign with Unsubscribing option
  • Accurate report for Click through via Email campaign sent
  • Support using Application Program Interfaces (APIs).
  • Accurate report for Emails Bounce rate for both hard and soft bounce.

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Best Pricing bulk Email marketing in Bangalore

Bulk email marketing services by aarusys.com is always available to the whole internet for much competitive pricing. PRICING IS JUST 5 PAISA PER EMAIL (Minimum order quantity is 1 Lakh Emails) For Best bulk email services pricing in Bangalore, Just Click here for our Best Quote.

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